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OPEN SHOT: Sunday Odds and Ends

We often remark about how difficult Kentucky's football schedule is, and there is no doubt that any team playing the the SEC East is going to have a tough schedule the last few years.  The Notre Dame Football Blog reports that Rivals has come out with the top 25 toughest schedules in college basketball football, and Kentucky is 11th on the list. Now, that is very interesting, and begs the question -- How does the rest of our conference and some other top teams in the  land stack up?  Here's the answer:

#2 South Carolina
#5 Auburn
#6 Tennessee
#7 Florida
#10 Mississippi State
#14 Georgia
#18 LSU

I notice that our friends down I-64, namely the Louisville Cardinals, don't seem to be on the list.  The Notre Dame Football blog addresses this:
For those wondering why there team didn’t make it, here’s my take on some top teams that have soft schedules:

- Louisville - You don’t get put in the schedule conversation when you have MURRAY STATE and MIDDLE TENNESSEE on the slate. Sorry, Cards fans.

Heh.  Very funny.  Bourbonseeker made this same point, which I detailed earlier.

In other news of interest, shymablog has this post, which is brief and to the point, but tells us something that will come as no surprise to those of us residing in the Bluegrass.  Kentucky is the #1 basketball state based on the all-time winning percentages of its college basketball teams.

Update [2007-6-25 15:5:3 by Truzenzuzex]:  Nico at Roll 'Bama Roll makes the case for Alabama's inclusion -- I think he's right.