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OPEN SHOT: Summer Doledrums

Yes, that's right, Wildcat fans, it's officially the summer solstice - the longest day of the year.  Summer begins today, in meteorological terms, so we begin counting the seconds until Big Blue Madness (or at least, until football season).

How 'bout a little something to talk about?

Wildcats Thunder has some suggestions about what to do, as well as an update on Andre Clark.

NCAA Hoops Today is jam packed full of good reading, and so is Recruiting Wars.

Hoops Weiss thinks Louisville is a modern day South Carolina and Rick Pitino is a modern day Frank McGuire.

So wha'dya think?  I think, in the words of Kenny Chesney, we should all just "sit right here, have another beer", and talk some ball ...

Update [2007-6-21 18:3:2 by Truzenzuzex]:  Corn Nation, the Nebraska fan site here at SB Nation, has an update on the banning of blogs from the college World Series, and a fascinating interview with CSTV's Eric Sorenson.