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OPEN SHOT: Midday Media Blitz

I strongly encourage all readers to take the time to peruse Tru's outstanding breakdowns of what to expect on offense and on defense from new coach Billy Gillispie.

Continuing our thrust, it's better, more thoughtful and more in-depth Kentucky hoops commentary than you'll find anywhere else on the web.

To wit, a few examples from the mainstream media.

Luke Winn shows Kentucky some love in his Five Winners, Five Losers column.

Andy Katz, perhaps tiring of the non-stop inference that he "hates" the Wildcats, slots Kentucky into his top 25 after the Draft drop-outs were announced.

SALES ALERT: Look, we may not always break "inside" recruiting news -- honestly, how much of that stuff pans out for all the flipping and flopping? -- but there's a reason our base of readers includes the Decourceys, Hoop Weisses and Jay Bilasas of the world.

Sure, I'm biased...I built the dang place. But I have maintained from Day 1 that this is the place for Kentucky hoops commentary.

Tru's latest only further illustrates the point.

Thanks for continuing to read and help us grow our vision.