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There is very little in the way of news today worth reading, but I will link what I found.

The Courier-Journal has this article explaining that Billy Gillispie plans to schedule "based on [the] team".  Presumably, that means the weaker the team, the weaker the schedule?  I don't know, but we'll just have to wait to see how that works out.

Jerry Tiption at the Herald-Leader has this article about UK athletics' academic performance, and I must say that the women are handing the men their asses.   Tipton also slaps Donovan around a bit more, just in case he hadn't been smacked around enough.  The real Gimel Martinez also makes an appearance in the article (not to be confused with the Fake Gimel Martinez at

Wildcats Thunder has a detailed update on where we stand in 2008 recruiting.  Go Big Blue Cats and The Wildcats Blog also have posts covering the rest of today's Kentucky Wildcats news, including a rumor about Derrick Jasper.

Finally there is this from CBS Sportsline about an experimental game played on an 11-foot rim. It is interesting in many ways, since it represents a change so basic that the players found themselves relying more on basketball fundamentals than pure athleticism.

Perhaps this deserves more comment -- how the nature of the game has changed by the greatly enhanced athleticism of today's athletes.  It may also reflect a reason why we perform so poorly in international competition, where the rules and court are configured to reduce the impact of athleticism on the game.

Well?  What do you think?