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Dropping Dimes: Around the internet

Here are a few items of interest in the UK sports world this morning:

Former UK assistant Scott Rigot is apparently trying to get a head coaching position at Coastal Carolina, the school Buzz Peterson just vacated to join MJ.

The Melo Backpedal looks at the likely top NBA draft picks for 2008, and Patrick Patterson makes the grade at #22.

The SEC Sports Report is not done with Billy Donovan, and compares the situation in Florida sports to something out of The Godfather.  La Cosa Nostra, anyone?

In more Donovan news, The Ol' Ball Coach offers Billy D. a shoulder to cry on.

Brett Dawson of the Courier-Journal alerts us to the fact that Billy Donovan is working without a contract.  Guess the days of the "handshake deal" are not quite over, even if only on a temporary basis.

On the ejection of C-J blogger Brian Bennett from the Louisville-Oklahoma State game press box in the recent super-regional baseball tournament, the New York Times says that lawsuit noises are growing louder at the C-J.  NCAA Hoops at the Cincinnati Enquirer also posts on the subject.

The University of Kentucky declares war on student attrition.  Now, let's extend that to our student athletes as well.

The News-Enterprise looks at Andre Woodson's maturation from athlete-student to student-athlete.  Andre's success at UK is truly spectacular given his woes during the first couple of years he was in school.

From the "What's my raison d’être department", a blog by the name of A Price Above Bip Roberts has this quirky post that is funny.  Here is an excerpt:

In the 2002-2003 college basketball season, the University of Kentucky was very good.  I also happened to be a senior in college.  These two items of information are essentially unrelated, but for a moment right here, they will become intertwined.
Read the rest.  Funny stuff.

UK football gets grudging, kinda-sorta respect from the SBN Alabama football blog, Roll 'Bama Roll.

John Clay reports on his blog that Florida is not going to raid UK's coaches yet again after all.  It was feared that Jeremy Foley, the Florida AD, had targeted UK baseball coach John Cohen.

The Oklahoman has this article on UK recruit Rotnei Clarke.  Yikes, this guy is scary -- it has been years since we had a player this determined.

Update [2007-6-14 18:1:31 by Truzenzuzex]:  Here is an interesting from Brett Dawson's blog at the Courier-Journal.  It seems that Tubby Smith may be interested in a Waffle House franchise as well.