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Talkin' UK Sports on a Hot Summer Day

The thermometer outside says 95(!) degrees, and it's hot out there.  But is there any hot news about UK?  Well, no, not really.  But we do have a few things to talk about.

First is this really great post from Rush the Court I found linked on Wildcat Maniacs.  The author has decided to assemble some descriptive statistics, and he does a great job.

Of course, in any statistical discussion of college basketball, even limited to the 64-65 team NCAA tournament era, Kentucky must figure prominently, and it does.  For just a sample:

Elite Eight.  Of the 267 schools that have been invited to the NCAA Tournament during the last 23 years, the 64 listed above are the chronic repeat performers, each having made the Dance on at least eight occasions.   Thirty-nine of those sixty-four have winning (> .500) records, but only a handful, eight, are elite (> .700 winning pct.).  Suffice it to say that those eight elite programs account for 14 of the 23 (61%) national championships and 39 of the 92 (42%) Final Four teams during this era (programs with a national title are denoted above in green shading).  These eight programs are: Duke, Connecticut, UNC, Kentucky, UNLV, Kansas, Florida and Michigan.  Incidentally, Georgetown is the only school of the top 13 who did not have a title from 85-07, but dumb luck led to its 1984 title team being omitted from this list - apologies to the Hoyas.

And this, my friends and fellow members of the Big Blue Nation, is just the beginning.  Lots of great analysis of teams including but not limited to the ones mentioned above.  Definitely a worthwhile read if you can find a few minutes, it is a very detailed and interesting post.

Kentucky Ink angles in on the same topic as my earlier post, with the addition of a few of the Unforgettables to sweeten the pot.

Get Beenzered (what the heck kind of name is that for a blog?) has this post showing Andre Woodson as the #7 contender for the Heisman Trophy next year. The Oklahoma Sooners and NFL blog reports that Mel Kiper (who?) currently has Woodson 6th, and Brian Brohm of Louisville (who?) first.

Update [2007-6-13 18:5:7 by Truzenzuzex]:  You MUST READ THIS DIARY and follow the link.  Still here?   You're missing a laugh!