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SUNDAY SILENCE: A little UK info

The Billy Gillispie Elite Camp is wrapping up today in Lexington, with the kids getting the chance to play their final games at hallowed Rupp Arena from 9-12 (supposedly open to the public).

A few message board leaks have noted that, in addition to getting a chance to showcase their new practice center and Rupp, the staff is getting to see up close what some of these 2008-09 and '10 targets can do against strong competition. How strong?

Apparently, the current UK players, with Rajon Rondo also suiting up, scrimmaged against some of the players on Saturday. Had to be exciting for the campers, and interesting for the coaches to see the players in action.

Jerry Tipton spends his Sunday notebook talking about this very issue of early player evaluation, and I cannot stress enough how smart this camp is for the future of the UK program.

As media reports trickle out (assuming they do) about the outcomes of the camp, we'll be sure to pass them along. And astute readers are encouraged to post their finds -- message boards, articles or otherwise -- in the comments section.

Can't believe we have to wait months before hoops season.