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Got a Basketball Jones? I'ma Fixin' to Feed It ...

I am sure this is nothing new to our regular readers and to many denizens of the on-line UK world, but there are a great many outstanding blogs out there following the Cats and college sports in general with passion and diligence.  

As a blogger myself, I really appreciate the hard work our brothers and sisters do out there, and in honor of that hard work, today's post will link no direct sources (i.e. newspaper sites and such) and instead, will link to other bloggers and message boards covering the story.

We begin with, whom we all know and love.  They link to yet another blog, The Wildcat Report, for a check into how some of our former Wildcats are doing in the NBA.  We have recently talked about Rondo on here, and this post adds in commentary about Tayshaun, Chuck, and Kelenna.  As of today, only Tayshaun and Kelenna are still in the playoffs.

From there, we move quickly to Recruiting Wars.  Recruiting wars isn't a UK blog, but they do a great job covering college basketball recruiting.  Today they have a post covering a great depth and breadth of recruiting news, including UK's recent offer to Tyler Zeller and Drew Gordon's verbal to UCLA.  Lots of links and goodies in there.

The always-reliable Matt Jones at Kentucky Sports Radio has his usual post covering recruiting this morning, including links to interviews he had with big-time UK recruits Beas Hamga and Tyler Zeller.

I am really starting to get stoked about Zeller.  This kid is showing some really dramatic improvement over a short period of time.  If, just for a moment, we can imagine a team featuring him, Hamga and Patterson along with our current recruiting class and returning players, it would make Kentucky one of the tallest basketball teams in U.S. history, college or professional.

I will say that this will likely lead to more of a half-court game than an open floor style, but I remember not long ago we were wondering about a team full of wings including such worthies as Willie Warren and Darius Miller.

Mental gymnastics about the possibilities is fun, but let's move on for the moment.  Wildcat Maniacs  contributor Kody KP has this story from that lists the top 10 teams of the last 10 years, and surprise -- UK comes out #7.  Also at Wildcat Maniacs, CatDaddy brings us this article from Rivals detailing changes in their top 150, noting that UK is involved with 7 of the top 20 and 9 of the top 30.

For a long list of links of interest to UK fans, there is no place better than Spam's Wildcat Page.  Spam does an absolutely fantastic job of finding the latest news about UK, and he gets it up early.

And while we are on sites replete with UK basketball news, don't forget Aaron's UK Basketball blog, a news listing of articles about UK basketball.  Aaron finds stuff that nobody else can, and provides a lot of links for A Sea of Blue.  Today, Aaron has a story on Taurean Green signing with an agent, a rumor that has been reported here and elsewhere for several days.

Another great blog of general basketball interest is NCAA Hoops Today.  This is a sister blog to Recruiting Wars, and the author covers lots and lots of ground.  He is also no fan of Duke, so that automatically gives him lots of credibility around here.  Today, NHT links famous basketball blogger Yoni Cohen, who looks at the impact of the NCAA's decision to move the 3-point line and many other interesting topics.

The Kentucky Basketball Report is a great new blog that covers -- duh -- UK basketball, and they do a great job.  Today's post looks at Tyler Zeller, Derrick Jasper, Winston Bennet, and many others with links and commentary.

There are a couple of links I meant to make recently, but couldn't fit in.  This one at Cards & Cats, a blog that follows both UK and U of L, had this look at the Kentucky power forward situation recently.  It is a well-written article if you can get past the centered format, which I personally loathe.  [editor's note, by Truzenzuzex]  "Windex" is apparently a reference to Perry Stevenson.

Finally, we have a recent post by the UK Bias Blog, a very new blog which purports to expose bias in the media and elsewhere against the University of Kentucky.  I think that many of us have noticed some prejudicial remarks made in the media about UK in the past, and this blogger is attempting to document and highlight them.  His site is having some difficulty right now, so the formatting of his most recent post is not up to par, but the content is there.

Well, that's about all for the nonce.  This is by no means all the bloggers, message boards and news sites in the UK on line universe, but it is a nice sample.  There are many that I left out of this post, but fear not -- there will be others and hopefully I'll get a chance to link everyone.

I have to turn to real paying work now, and blogging from me will likely be a little light due to workload today.  Hopefully, I'll have an update around noontime.