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I Should Laugh, But I Just Can't Stop Growling ...

How's about a nice whine with your cheese this afternoon?

Luke Winn has his pre-pre-season basketball rankings up.  UK is nowhere to be found, but A&M is #15.  Our buddies here in Lousyville are ranked #4.  Whatever.

I know I shouldn't take this seriously, but I am getting sick and tired of seeing UK out of polls we used to be in every year, except recently.

Polls mean nothing, OK, but somehow, a part of me is comforted when the national media recognizes UK.  When UK is ignored, it gets under my skin, and I have too many scars lately to just take it laying down any more.  I know we don't deserve to be in the poll given the team we are returning, but that fact just doesn't seem to make me any happier.

Irrelevance sucks.  It needs to end soon, for the sake of my sanity.