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Former Cat: Rondo named to All-Rookie squad

Tayshaun Prince and Chuck Hayes aren't the only Wildcats showing well in the NBA. There's a youngster on the horizon, too.

Just a quick update, but much-maligned former Wildcats -- and current Celtics -- point guard Rajon Rondo was named Tuesday to the NBA's All-Rookie Second Team.

He is joined on the second team by Utah's Paul Millsap, Charlotte's Adam Morrison, Chicago's Tyrus Thomas, Minnesota's Craig Smith, Charlotte's Walter Herrmann and New Jersey's Marcus Williams. The latter two tied with Rondo for honors with 10 votes each.

Congrats to Rajon. I am not one of those who bought into the unfounded rumor that Rondo killed the 2006 team's chemistry. In retrospect, there was a lot more going on in the basketball office than just Rondo. Without him, there's no telling how badly that season finishes.

At any rate, a former Cat who left on good terms is always due some accolades. Besides, when he's tossing up triple-doubles, something tells me those haters are going to be quick to claim him as one of our alums in the League.