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From the "IQ of belly-button lint" department ...

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We bring you Buck and New Dawg from the Fort Worth, Texas area who still haven't had enough of insulting Kentucky and its new men's basketball coach.  Money quote:

Will Billy Gillispie thrive or fail at the University of Kentucky?

NEW DAWG: If they let Billy cheat or play around the edges, he'll be fine.

BUCK:  If having no life other than coaching basketball is a prerequisite for success, then "Billy the Bachelor" has a chance.  But he will never thrive at UK because 1) expectations in Lexington, Ky., are too high and 2) bad karma is a very difficult thing to shake.  AAA (Ask Any Aggie).

Well, I guess I can't really make jokes about your funny names (those who live in glass houses, and all -- but our readers are encouraged to do so!), but guys, take my advice -- stick to football.  That may be the only sport where you have any real chance of accidentally stumbling across an intelligent utterance once in a while.  And I do have my doubts about that.

I'm thinking Buck and New Dawg would be out of their depth in a parking lot puddle.  GAFC (Get A Freaking Clue).