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I'm glad we got THAT straight ...

I got lots of great comments to the "Phlorida Phear" post below, and our readers have pretty much convinced me that UK fans haven't lapsed into Gatorphobia.  As a bonus, I saw a little of that good old Wildcat swagger in our commenters.  Maybe we just have a higher quality UK fan reading this blog, or perhaps all the naysayers are really Florida sock puppets.

Either way, my confidence is restored.  Well done.  Now, to the news of the day so far.  

First, today is Oaks day, and my wife and I traditionally take this day off to bet on the races.  So will it be this year, and blogging may be a little lighter than normal.

Chris Diggs at the Courier-Journal Fan blog has a new post up as of late last night.  He says that visits to Kentucky by Sanchez and Hamga are pretty much done for next weekend.  He also notes a rumor that Hamga will be taken to the De La Hoya/Mayweather fight during his visit to UNLV in Vegas this weekend.  So is Tark the Shark giving recruiting advice to Lon Krueger, or what?  I smell recruiting violation ...

On the Jai Lucas/Patrick Patterson front, I would like to continue to report that there is no news at all as of this writing.  Should anything come up, your humble correspondents here at ASOB will get it to you as fast as our little fingers can type it.

According to the Courier-Journal, Billy Gillispie will join Brittany Murphy, Terry O'Quin, and Eddie Money among others at the famous Barnstable-Brown Derby party tonight.  I know I thought he would be on a plane returning from a recruiting trip from somewhere, so I am a little concerned.  Slacking off already, Billy?

To top that off, Billy isn't sharing his Derby picks with us.  Claims he doesn't have one yet.  C'mon, Billy, we know you are a horse fan.  You were probably up at 3 AM this morning after getting off the phone with some 2010 recruit handicapping the Oaks and the Derby at the same time, all while watching your 25th game film on last season's Wildcats and texting Jai Lucas.  We're dying here ...

Vern Lundquist talks to Larry Vaught about the 1992 Wildcats-Duke regional final.  Definitely worth a read, just thinking about it caused me to jerk a tear.

Kentucky is in a recruiting war with Rick Barnes over Shawn Williams, according to this Scout article (subscription, of course).  Kentucky does have Vilarino whispering in Williams' ear, and that is a bit of an advantage, I guess.  

I'm wondering how Gillispie fared against Barnes when he was at A&M?  Since Gillispie landed DeAndre Jordan for TAMU, my guess is that he held his own, and maybe a little of Barnes' as well.

Finally, the Bat Cats have a big 3-game series at Columbia, South Carolina this weekend.  The Diamond 'Cats are still sub-.500 in the SEC and badly need to address that issue if they want to get a sniff of post-season play.  Time to step up to the plate and git 'er done, guys.

Go Cats!

Gillispie comments on the NCAA rule change moving the 3-point line back to 20'9".

The Wildcat Blog has a new post up loaded with pics from the recent Catspy Awards banquet. Some of these are really cool. Check it out.

Scout has a new story on some 2008 5-stars , and lots of Kentucky targets including Tyler Zeller and Tony Woods are among them.

Evening Update [2007-5-4 18:46:16 by Truzenzuzex]:  More good vibes from this Rivals article on Beas Hamga.  Jerry Meyer thinks UK is way out in front.

Lots and lots of good stuff in this CSTV article by Van Coleman.  Many Kentucky target mentions and lots of other goodness.