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Gridiron Ghosts?

One thing that I have heard, especially off-line, is that A Sea of Blue -- aside frm being totally and ridiculously awesome -- suffers from severly undercovering the on-the-rise Kentucky football program.

I will have to confess it's true. Longtime readers have probably seen my admissions of guilt on multiple occasions, and my contention that I've been burnt too many times already to let down my guard.

Thus I will open things up and ask you, the readers, whom Time magazine named PERSON OF THE YEAR, to help us out. Are you a UK football crazy? Got some things to get off your chest about spring football or recruiting?

Post a diary and help us help you. If it's got some meat and warrants promotion, you may find yourself on the big page.

We'll try and do a better job of covering the Music City Bowl champs, but I can tell you from prior experience that our readership is much more likely to check out ASoB for hoops recruiting than football news. Maybe that will change if the team can build on last year's success.

I love the core of talent, with Andre' Woodson and Keenan Burton both agreeing to return. Rafael Little should be healthy this time around, and if not, his backups are a year older and stronger.

The defense loses some experience, but gains some young talent. And the coaches are no longer coaching for their football lives.

Lots to look forward to. We'd love to have reason to cheer on the Blue and White all over again. Especially against the Cardinals.