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Overloaded Thursday: Kentucky & NCAA Football

There are several stories out there today relating in some way to UK Wildcat football, and some other interesting ones that are just related to football in general.  I'll attempt to take them all and make a coherent post on the subject, but remember, I'm not the most knowledgeable football fan.  Your mileage may vary.

First we have this article from the Herald-Leader that was really big news yesterday -- the UK-UL football game got picked up by none of the networks for a major slot, and may not be televised nationally at all.

The UK-South Carolina football game has been picked up by ESPN, interestingly enough, on a Thursday night.  So far, that's UK's only nationally televised game.

Meanwhile, the SEC coaches voted to reject a proposal to add an early signing period to the football recruiting process.  There is a story here at ESPN describing the debate in more detail (Hat tip:  Sunday Morning Quarterback).  I think it is instructive to notice who voted for and against this idea.  Update [2007-5-31 10:46:9 by Truzenzuzex]:  SMQ has much more on this in today's post, including some analysis.

Louisville's new coach Steve Kragthrope has dismissed two defensive players from his roster for unspecified reasons.

The Sportsbiz blog has a very interesting post up today about what it sees as a possible attempt by Mark Cuban and other principles to start up a new professional football league.  Their business model is a radical departure from that of the NFL, and is designed in such a way as to avoid directly competing with the NFL for the big stars.

As a casual football fan, I am in no way qualified to comment on such an enterprise, but as a businessman, I must say I am a bit intrigued.  I do think there is a potential market for another pro football league, but a lot depends on its ability to attract TV attention.  This is worth keeping an eye on.