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Overloaded Thursday: Kentucky Basketball

I hate it when the world saves all the news for one freaking day.  It drives me crazy, and makes the blog look schizophrenic.  If I were Truzenzuzex Almighty, I would make sure that the news got evenly distributed every day, just to make it easier for guys and gals like me.  

Alas, Morgan Freeman is nowhere to be found, so I suppose I will have to be content as a normal mortal.  We'll be breaking the news into 3 posts today, and regrettably, it will mostly be link dumps.  I have an unbelievable workload preparing  for vacation so what you see in the next 3 posts will probably be all you get for today from me.

First up, as always, UK basketball, and as usual, recruiting.  We mentioned earlier that Jody Demling had reported a very positive impression from Saginaw, Michigan prospect Draymond Green, a former Tubby Smith verbal who retracted that commitment when Smith left for Minnesota.  Jody caught up with Green recently and reports that "Day Day" is still very interested in UK.

My take on this kid is that he is the real deal.  He has guard skills in a power forward's body, and while not supremely athletic, has the potential to be Mashburn-esque.  I hope Billy G. continues to recruit him, this was a good find by Smith.  Obviously, you wouldn't take him over Greg Monroe, but still ...

Continuing with recruiting, we have this Sand Mountain Reporter article which tells us that UK is involved with Ronald Steele's brother, Andrew, who is ranked as the #7 point guard in the country.  Of course, practically every other SEC school is also involved with him at this point.  Hat tip:  Aaron's Blog.

Next, we have this Scout article about our new coach, and it does nothing to dispel the impression of an extraordinary passion for basketball that all of us in the Big Blue Nation have of Gillispie.  I liked this quote in particular:

Basketball is my passion. It is also my job, but it is my passion as well. I spend about 23 hours and 50 minutes every day thinking about my passion. I love that," Gillispie said.

Oh, dear.  Billy, I'm afraid "passion" isn't the word your looking for here.  What you just characterized is better described by a word beginning with "O".  

Welcome to the Big Blue Nation, Billy.  We don't have a 12-step program, but we do have a support group of millions of similarly obsessed fans.

Continuing with the subject of the new Wildcats coach, this Austin American Statesman article describes an interview the author had with Ashley Judd, perhaps UK's most famous fan.  I found this interesting:

Afterward, I asked her about her beloved Kentucky Wildcat basketball team. When I asked if she liked her new coach, ex-Aggie Billy Gillispie, she smiled, raised an eyebrow and said, "I like Patrick Patterson. That's an auspicious start."

Well.  That was certainly a political answer ...