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As We Slooowwwllyy Move Along to Football Season

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The lack of information and news about the Kentucky football team is simply staggering.  Today, I found exactly one article in the local media about UK football recruiting, but that's all.  Heck, there is more in-depth looks at UK football by the opposition than by our own reporters.  Seems to me like these guys deserve better after the stellar performance they put on last season.

Fortunately, Wildcats Thunder has done the grunt work, and written this excellent blog post about the changing scholarship situation caused by the loss of Duran Jefferson and DJ Stafford.

Kudos to Wildcats Thunder for doing yeoman's work on the football team, and keeping us poor basketball addicts from looking more clueless about the gridiron than we already are.

UKEric, a poster at The Cats Pause, has a look at the offensive line that is worth a read.

Here's something that surprised me, and probably others as well.  Dennis Dodd at CBS Sportsline has the Wildcats ranked 25th!  I don't know how to feel about that -- our football team outranking our basketball team ...