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It's Time for a Football Post

That's right, folks -- football, that "other" team sport that gets played in the fall mostly before basketball season begins.  It may come as a surprise to some to learn that we actually do have a football team at UK, and that it is moving in the right direction, that is to say, up.

First, we have a quick look at all SEC coaches including Rich Brooks through the eyes of an Auburn fan.  He predicts that Brooks will eventually be canned because of failure to get UK out of the lower half of the SEC.  I refuse to subscribe to a view that pessimistic.  I believe UK may actually reach a level of competitiveness in the SEC, but I am less that totally qualified to be credible in this prediction

Next, I direct you to an older (March 20th but still highly relevant look at the Wildcats by Sunday Morning Quarterback, an outstanding college football blog that one of our neighbor here in the SportsBlog Nation.  This blog is highly credible, somewhat unbiased football site and gives us a look at the Wildcats more in-depth and comprehensive  than any Kentucky blogger I have seen so far.

If you are a real UK football fan, you really should read the whole thing.  If you are like me, and like but not love football in general, you should at minimum read his inset, "The least you should know about Kentucky" and his conclusion:

Non-Binding Forecast: Louisville, the top three in the East and LSU and Arkansas have to be stricken as losses at this point; the average margin of defeat to Georgia and non-Zook Florida has actually been pretty huge this decade, regardless what happened with the former last year. SMQ hasn't looked yet at Vanderbilt or Mississippi State, but he's willing to call those games for the Wildcats and South Carolina - which finished a game back of UK in the East standings last year - a toss-up for lame bowl eligibility. Six and six, maybe, if Kentucky can win in Columbia, but eight wins will not happen again.

I think that assessment is very realistic, given who and where we are playing.  This year figures to be tougher than last, so unless we are much improved, we should expect to suffer an extra defeat.

Jody Demling is reporting that Brandon Newman, a defensive tackle out of Pleasure Ridge Park  high school here in Louisville, has committed to Notre Dame.

Kentucky Ink, sporting a brand new look, reports on Kentucky JUCO transfer (last year) Steve Johnson's slow adjustment to the difference between JUCO and the SEC.  Johnson says he wants "Dickie Lyons' stats from last year" this year.  Good luck, Steve, we'll be watching.

We have been aware of and watching the coverage of Duran Jefferson's arrest.  I would like to wait until more facts come out on the story to comment further.