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Leave early? Screw that. Recruiting!

Not much going on (it is mid-May, after all), but news from the recruiting front still trickles in.

Purdue, Kentucky's main rival for potential JUCO frontcourt player Nemanja Calasan, has inked another JUCO big man. But head coach Matt Painter assures us he has room for both.

Tru has more on Calasan below.

Jerry Tipton decides to chime in as well this afternoon.

I'm still a bit skeptical of taking on "marginal" (caveat: yes, I have seen neither of these two play) late signees to fill out the roster, now that there are no 5/9 rules in place and you can use the open scholarship for a strong 2008 class.

That said, if a talented offensive frontcourt player is available, and you have only untested frosh big men on campus, plus Jared Carter, then perhaps adding a physically mature JUCO big man isn't a bad idea.

What say you?