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Moving Right Along ...

Now that I've emoted all over the place and covered your computer screens with touchy-feely goo, it's time to find out what's happening in the Wildcat world today.  By the way, don't get used to the touchy-feely stuff around here.  Like my namesake, emoting isn't my strong point.

First, I found this post at Sports Media Journal that discusses Barad-Dûr's unhealthy obsession with getting "the scoop", and how Patrick Patterson's family made them look like hegemonic mercenaries.  This has been reported before, but the author examines the ethics of their reported actions.  A nice, short read.

This UK fan who is all overboard about Ashley Judd worries how her most recent film, Bug, will portray her.  Have no fear, friend -- if anyone can make being covered with man-eating insects sexy, it's Ashley.

One of the bloggers at The Sports Guys reports on a close encounter with Billy Gillispie.  I know it must be hard to "sign" at tee shirt, but nobody would believe that  was the real thing.

The Wildcat Blog has decided to counter this poll over at the Dark Tower's college basketball page with one of his own.  I like TWB's a lot better.

LSU will be a little weaker next year, now that Magnum Rolle has decided to transfer to parts unknown.

Finally, there is an awful lot out there today about Billy Donovan.  As you know, speculation has been building since Donovan turned down the Kentucky job that he is looking for a pro situation that he can live with.  Let's look first a some Florida fan reaction, starting with the AOL Sports Blog. Ryan Ferguson notes  that Florida has  a "Keep Billy D." site, and UK has a "Fire Billy G." site.  Yeah, but we don't mean it.  Writing for Orange and Blue Hue, Ryan also looks at the Donovan slow-dance from a different angle.

Lee Corso's Merkin says that they're confused by all this Billy Donovan stuff.  Meanwhile, Gatorsports says that the Magic could be knocking, and Gary Parrish at CBS Sportsline, in a rare well-reasoned, non-snarky effort, explains why Billy D. should strongly consider the NBA.  The Dark Tower has an article  that says Donovan wants to get the Florida deal done as soon as possible, but it isn't him holding it up.  Interesting.

Finally, Rob Gidel at Scout reports on Hank Thorn (subscription), a rising but tiny point guard whom UK is said to be setting up for a visit.