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Life After UMass: There is other news out there ...

I am done with the UMass debacle, except for updates.  At 9:00 AM Eastern time, it has officially become old news at ASoB.  So onward, and hopefully, upward.

The San Antonio Express-News has a great article today about Billy Gillispie and his first big-time recruit, Deron Williams.  If there was ever any doubt about just how big-time Deron Williams was, I think it has been removed by his recent play with the Utah Jazz.  There are some great quotes by Gillispie in this one.

The Charleston (W. Va.) Gazette covers the impact of two former Huntington Highlanders, O.J. Mayo and Patrick Patterson, on the 2007 recruiting scene, and it is considerable.

The Arizona Daily Star says that super-stud point guard Brandon Jennings will announce his college of choice at the Big Time AAU tournament in July.  We could really use this guy.  Go get him, Billy G.  Meanwhile, College Hoops Net says that Gillispie is recruiting his way to Lexington love.

A vigilant reader with a mobile device alerted us to a poll running on Sports Illustrated's website that includes the Wildcats.  You have to scroll down to read it.

Update [2007-5-22 16:50:27 by Truzenzuzex]:  Jody Demling and Scout (allegedly - I haven't seen the Scout story) are reporting that 2008 super-guard Brandon Jennings has committed to Arizona today.  Thanks to ASoB member davw83 for the heads-up.  Fox Sports now has the news as well.