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Late Night Recruiting: Does The Name Nemanja Calasan Ring a Bell?

Well, if it does, you are way better connected than me.

Rivals has a story that Nemanja Calasan, a JUCO power forward, may be scheduled to visit Lexington this weekend.  Calasan has recently been released from his LOI to Utah.

I would link his Scout and Rivals page, but there is really nothing there.  But I dusted of my cobwebbed memory and recalled that Van Coleman had taken a look at the 2007 JUCO class some time back.

You will note that Calasan is ranked #8 on Coleman's list, a 6'9", 235# power forward out of Midland, Texas.  ESPN's scouting service gives him a ranking of 40 out of 100, which isn't that impressive.  Compare that to Willie Warren who grades out at 82, or Brandon Jennings at 92 - in other words, not a program-changer.  Were he a high school recruit, he would be a two-star player.


[editor's note, by Truzenzuzex]  Thanks to commenter TXUKFAn , who points out that the 40 score indicates something a little different than what I implied above.  ESPN's Scouts Inc. page says this about the 40 rating:

40: Pending Prospect

Player has redeeming qualities and is projected to contribute at the Division I level, however an evaluation is pending receipt of requested film from coach and player.


Not sure what Gillispie has in mind, but you can bet he has seen this kid play a lot more than any of us have, so if he brings him, we are going to have to trust his judgment.

Commenter piketaylor has much more in this comment.