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Florida Lures Away an Important UK Coach

Well, the big, bad news of the day is that Scott Holsopple, the strength and conditioning coach we have all enjoyed having and who's hard work has really changed the bodies of our basketball players,  has apparently decided to leave UK and accept the same position for the Florida football team.

I am truly disappointed by this news, and it could not have come at a worse time.  This is the beginning of the period every year when strength and conditioning coaches can begin to work their magic on our players, and heaven knows many of our players need strength training badly.

Good luck to Scott in his new position.  Congratulations, Gators, you guys are getting a great new asset for your football team.  Until I know more about the circumstances of his departure, I'll resist giving grief to the athletic department for not trying harder to keep him.  I can't see it as a step up, though, and if it was, perhaps our emphasis isn't where it aught to be.