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From Offense to Defense

Well, this is one hell of a day so far.  

First, we lose Scott Holsopple to Florida's football team.  Then I feel obliged to berate the UK basketball coach and athletics director for weaseling out of a game with UMass.  Now, it is brought to my attention that the Atlanta Journal-ConstipationConstitution has seen fit to scold us yet again for our treatment of Tubby Smith.

But fortunately, John Clay comes to the rescue, although he is kind of repeating a meme that I have yet to see supported by anything -- any quotes, any documents, anything -- other than reporters' assertions.

Now, these reporters covering the UK beat are undoubtedly more intimate with the situation than I.  I am not a journalist and I'm not trying to play one on this blog, but I sure would like to see some kind of proof that Smith and Barnhart were at odds, and the famous "statement of (non) support)" just isn't quite enough for me to buy into that.  I have been waiting a long time for more support to that meme, and so far, none has been forthcoming.

Little help, John?

Hat tip:  UK Big Blue Cats

Thanks to The Big Lead for linking our Patterson live-blog of last week.