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Perusing the UK Blogosphere

Before I go outside again to enjoy the beautiful weather here in Louisville, I had to take a quick look around the UK blogosphere to see what was happening.  Quite a lot, actually, so let's get started -- below, I will link to five excellent UK blogs for your viewing pleasure that we haven't linked to lately.  They are brothers in arms, so if you haven't been there already, give them a visit.

First, we visit Life, Love, Stress and Setbacks, a blog unknown to me until today.  The author has been paying close attention to A Sea of Blue and the interplay we have been having with the Florida site, Orange and Blue Hue lately.

Second, we have another blog I ran up on recently, It's the Wildcat Blog.  This site urges us to "Live Blue" and covers some of the same media faux pas that JL and I have reported lately.  This guy is a rising voice in the 'sphere, and we here at ASoB salute his good work.

Third, we have the UK Bias Blog.  This new blog was created by its author with the express mission of revealing and debunking bias against UK in the mainstream sports media, and he does a great job.  He has several very insightful articles up since the last time I went, so just keep scrolling.

Finally, I direct your attention to the Wildcats Thunder's blog is another excellent UK site, with lots of original writing and analysis.  He recently posted a detailed look at the 2008 team makeup.

There are many more that deserve links, and I will be getting to them later on.  This is going to be a recurring feature at A Sea of Blue, because there is some truly excellent writing about UK out there that doesn't get the attention it deserves, and we intend to do our part to help.