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News of the Morning

Just a quick rundown of the news headlines for the Big Blue Nation this morning.

First, a rarity -- a Kentucky Mr. Basketball who went out of state to play for another college gets inducted into the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame.  His name is Jeff Mullins, and he went to ... drumroll please ... Duke!  For those of us old enough to remember, he was also a 3-time NBA All-Star.  Even back then, we lost big-time players to other schools.

The Courier-Journal covers the Beas Hamga recruitment here.

The Herald-Leader says that Michael Sanchez will visit UK the weekend after Derby.  The idea that he will actually go out in 2007 seems to be winning out in this one.  I think if he actually comes here to visit, it is likely that we will become the leader for Sanchez.

This Rivals article (subscription) talks about Kentucky's suddenly active recruitment of on of 2008's most sought-after big men, Greg Monroe.

Billy Gillispie will speak at Huntington High School's annual boys basketball banquet.  Of course, Patrick Patterson will be in attendance.  Gillispie can't have a recruiting contact per NCAA rules, but it doesn't hurt for him to be up there in front of Patterson talking basketball.  Hat tip:  UK Big Blue Cats blog.

I haven't done much blogging about the football team, so this one is long overdue.  According to this report, three Wildcat linemen have invites to try out for professional football teams.  We covered long snapper Jason Dickerson's invite to try out for the Detroit Lions earlier this week, but two more 'Cats have also been invited.

Update [2007-5-2 8:11:29 by Truzenzuzex]:  Thanks to commenter dave for pointing out that we have been linked by Dick "Hoops" Weiss at the New York Daily News, along with KSR.  Thanks for visiting ASOB, Dick!  Come back real soon, y'hear?