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Chris Diggs of the Courier-Journal: Wanna Talk Elite Program, Gators?

A few people here an elsewhere have ridiculed Chris Diggs at the UK fan blog.  I have consistently linked him because he writes extremely well and gives a true fan perspective on the game.  He may not be a recruiting guru like Jody Demling or Matt Jones, but he does a great job with commentary and analysis -- like most of us, though he isn't always consistent.

Well this morning, Chris is brilliant.  He lays down an in-your-face response to Gator fans who have been trying (understandably and with considerable justification) to elevate themselves to the status of "Kentucky Rival", a coveted, program-validating title that many aspire to but very few programs actually achieve.

Chris' article is a must-read.  It demonstrates, in clear and simple English even Gator fans with a superiority complex can understand, the difference between the two programs without diminishing the brilliance of Florida basketball over the last two seasons.  It is a great piece of blogging, and the C-J have done themselves proud with guys like Demling and Diggs.  

For once, I am feeling the love for the C-J, and they deserve a little.

Jody Demling thinks Dakotah Euton, a top 10 2010 prospect, could get an offer soon.

Jerry Meyers at Rivals looks at the Cactus Classic Day 1.  Some familiar names, like Brandon Jennings, are there.