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UK Baseball: Bottom of the Ninth, Down One, Two Outs, Bases Empty ...

and that's about where the Wildcat Baseball season is this morning.  Coming in to this weekend, the Bat Cats were facing Auburn, with a chance to earn a spot in the SEC tournament.

But things didn't go as planned.  Auburn took the first two games of the series.  Now UK must win today and get help from Florida against Tennessee to avoid an ignominious end to their season.

This season for the baseball team has been a bit of a disappointment.  The Bat Cats started 18-0, then found that life in the SEC was just a bit harder, starting out 0-8.  Now, the chickens of a weaker non-conference schedule have come home to roost, and injuries and a bit of a confidence problem have put the Diamond Cats on the brink.

This hurts a like hemorrhoid after a Thai dinner, but, just for these games ...

Go Gators!

And now, for the salve that is forever.

Go Cats!