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Friday Morning: Cruising Toward the Weekend

The big news has come and gone, and the excitement is winding down a bit.  That's a good thing, the pace for the last couple of days has been frenetic, and the newsfeeds lighting up like Christmas trees.  I need to actually do some paying work instead of thinking about basketball, at least for a while.

The Courier-Journal has an article today that is simply a must-read, chock full of really great quotes by Billy Gillispie covering his recent recruiting work.  I have been quite critical of the C-J lately, but this piece is well done.  Also at the C-J, Jody Demling asks readers for help with his recruiting database.  Kentucky Wildcat Report, are you listening?

Mike Fields is calling all Kentucky Mr. Basketball winners.

More questions about Donovan's new contract and his commitment to stay at Florida.

NCAA Hoops Blog at says that text messaging was a large part of the reason Gillispie won Patterson over, and wonders if signed recruits are going to serve as proxies for the coach to circumvent the ban.  This is a good question.  But why stop there - what about current team members?