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Workin' For The Weekend: Afternoon Delight

There's a few things of interest working in the UK sports arena, even on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

First off, my old buddy Gary Parrish has another article out, counting down to what he thinks will be the #1 school who will thrive in basketball for the next 5 years.  Parrish clocks UK in at #3, amazingly ahead of North Carolina at 4.  Parrish once again takes a shot at UK fans in what sounds like praise, but ... well, just read it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Dick Vitale, recent target of an arena-sized load of UK fan venom after penning an article blaming fans for Tubby Smith's departure, has a new article out with a UK mention.  I know, I know, but some people might care ...

More coverage of the Donovan-Florida slow-dance from the loathsome troll Jeff Goodman.  Some interesting quotes from Donovan in this one, like this:

"I'm committed to the University of Florida and when the time is right and it goes through the process, I plan on signing a contract," Donovan said. "But I need to see it first."

Anyone detect any weasel words in there? (Hint - they are the ones in bold for the very young, naive or politically challenged among you).

Yahoo rumors tells us that Tubby Smith is about to announce a double-super-secret super-recruiter  who is going to join the staff at Minnesota.

I have two observations about this:

  • I thought Thad Matta already had a job, and;

  • I wonder why Tubby didn't hire him while he was here?  I may be reaching here, but I think it could have saved him having to remove a "For Sale" sign or two from his front yard.

Finally, Section F Sports brings us an interesting article on Tayshaun Prince and his older brother, Tommie.  I didn't realize Tommie played for Pepperdine.