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Patrick Patterson Press Conference Live Blog

Pat says "My hand is shakin'"  His mom "Mine Too!"

OK, boys and girls, it's fourth down late in the second half with 5 seconds to play.  It's time for the big one.  UK shoots, and ...


That's right, folks, Patrick Patterson, 6'8" 235 lb. power forward is a University of Kentucky Wildcat!

They are signing the NLOI as I speak.  It is done.  His mother just said something like "I know some coaches are turning over right now", whatever that means.

I know of one for sure, and he has a widow's peak that won't go away.

Patterson's mother just asked the fans of the unfortunate non-UK schools to support her son's decision.

Dad is speaking now. Thanking everybody.

That UK hat sure looks good on him.

People just thanking Pat and praising him.

Pat said he talked to his family yesterday and decided.  His fans around this area are a big reason why.

Said it was tough to pass up Florida and Duke.

Says he always liked UK and the fans and everything about UK.  Says Gillispie "really cares about the basketball players".

Says he's happy it's over, he can be a kid now.

Was called by Alex Legion and AJ Stewart (told ya so)!

Distance was a big factor in the process.

Buddies were a big part - wants to see them play.

Wants to win the SEC tournament and national championship next year. Gotta love high hopes!

Said he wasn't "Clicking with the basketball team" at Duke like he was at UK.

Acknowledges UK fans. "I love you's" exchanged

Did click with Florida team, but not Duke.

No coaches told yet.

UK and Florida final 2.

Family and coaches asked him if he was 100% sure he wanted to go to Kentucky, and he said yes.

Glad he waited till the last day, built suspense.

Pat's all done. Clapping and cheers!