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Decision 2007: Patterson to UK

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We often use this moniker, but it's fitting today. ...

BREAKING: Kentucky is the choice for Patrick Patterson.

This, folks, is a HUGE victory for Gillispie. To come in so late and grab a guy that absolutely fills a gaping hole in your roster is enormous for both the prestige and the practical.

There were many reasons Kentucky made sense. Thank God those mattered to Patterson.

Let's savor this one.

The collective buildup to a Kentucky hoops recruiting decision -- particularly any ceremonial one -- is both impressively and bafflingly large. If recruits were won on focus and interest alone, I'm not sure the Wildcats wouldn't reap a top class every season. But much more factors into any recruit's decision, not the least of which is parental help.

See streaming video of the press conference: CLICK HERE

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