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Black Monday: Surveying the Wreckage of Blasted Hopes

Can I write a title, or can't I?

So, here we sit, fellow Cat fans -- scowling into our CRT's (or flat panels, for the more affluent among us) and cursing the recent news that Jai Lucas and Beas Hamga will spurn the most storied program in college basketball for lesser suitors, Florida and UNLV respectively.  It's kind of like a Lyle Lovett/Julia Roberts kind of thing, except UNLV's program is a lot uglier than Lyle Lovett.

Still, maybe they did take Beas to the Mayweather/De La Hoya fight after all, and all that combat just made him wanna head West.  Well, as they say in France when they come home to a house that has been burned to the ground, C'est la vie!

But hey, all is not dark in the Big Blue World.  Patterson is still available, and a much bigger fish who would give us much more of what we need now. Also, there are a few people out there who, sadly, are not blessed with the good fortune of being Kentucky fans, and they have diverse takes on todays events - some funny, some, well ... not so much.

Before I get you to throwing heavy objects at your monitor and bashing your head against the keyboard, let's take a look at the lighter side.  A blog I recently discovered, Sports Gone South, has a hilarious take on us passionate Wildcat fans, and some good advice (which, of course, we will not take).  When times are tough, laughing at yourself is sometimes the best medicine.

And if your heart feels like it has been ripped from your chest, stuck in an Osterizer and cycled through "frape" a few dozen times, SGS also provides us a little salve for the hole where it used to reside, in the form of a "Donovan to the NBA" blog that puts a few well-mannered shots up the backside of our favorite Eddie Munster look-alike and his fawning admirers.  Ahh, that feels better, doesn't it?

Now, for the pain.  You knew there would be pain, so your humble servant will provide.  Our friends over at Orange and Blue Hue have this nasty little sneer at the Big Blue Nation.  Now, they have a right to brag, but maybe not this much.  Feel free to stop by and say 'Hello, we love you Gators', or ... whatever else comes to mind, but try to keep it somewhat civil.

The Huntington Herald-Dispatch sports blog's Travis Davis tells us where he thinks Patterson is leaning.

Kentucky Hoop Dreams has a classy response to Jai's matriculation to Florida.

Our friends at Orange and Blue Hue continue to have fun out our expense.  What goes around, comes around, fellas.

Jody Demling is reporting that Michael Sanchez has committed to Arkansas.  Props to commenter boobs for pointing this out.

Dick "Hoops" Weiss, a friend of A Sea of Blue, commiserates a bit with the bad news for the BBN today.  Thanks Hoops, we appreciate the kind thoughts.