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DECISION 2007: Jai Lucas

BREAKING: says Lucas to Florida, Hamga to UNLV. Not a good day for coach Billy Clyde. Patterson becomes -- if possible -- an even bigger need now.

It only seems like four years since Texas point guard prospect Jai Lucas started being recruited by UK. Tubby Smith, with deep ties to Lucas' well-known NBA father, John, targeted the 5'9" floor general as his de facto Ramel Bradley replacement sometime in early 2006, and the Cats've been in the mix ever since.

Today was the day Lucas finally revealed his choice. For 9/10 of the kid's recruitment, Kentucky, Oklahoma State, Maryland and Oklahoma were the acknowledged four finalists. Then Florida won a second straight national title and starting point guard Taurean Green took off for the NBA (good luck with that one). Suddenly all of Lucas' platitudes about sticking to his original four flew out the window. Such is the nature of recruiting, especially when the hot school gets involved.

Hard to fend off the chumps ... I mean champs, sorry.

Here's a little something from Jerry Tipton at the Herald-Leader.

Jody Demling provides his thoughts .

Now Chris Diggs weighs in. I think the C-J guys are collaborating ...

A little news swarm on Hamga reporting that he committed to the Runnin' Rebs of UNLV, but no confirmation yet.  Jody Demling has the latest.

Update [2007-5-14 15:39:53 by Truzenzuzex]:  Jody Demling is reporting Lucas is a Gator .

Chris Diggs is baffled by Jai's decision , and I'm not ...

Jones claims Hamga to UNLV is confirmed by a conversation with his coach.  Still waiting on a second.  Guess we can thank Mark Adams for that.  Hope he gets his money's worth.

LHL confirms Hamga to UNLV.   Solid enough for me to call it.

Where are the Florida blogs on all this ...???

Barad-dûr reports on Lucas' commitment.

Dannyboykn at Kentucky Wildcat report is seriously bummed, and has a few ill wishes to pass along ...

The fur is really flying over at TCP .  Imagine that!