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Star Watch: Cameroon Beas

God, I am hysterically funny. At least, that's what I tell myself.

Word through the digital grapevine is that Cameroon native, and UK target, Beas Hamga is in Lexington for his much talked about visit.

With Patrick Patterson and Jai Lucas deciding this week (theoretically) on which school to attend, the Hamga recruitment is fascinating. One wonders if Hamga is smitten and decides to verbal (no sure thing at all), where would that leave Coach Gillispie?

With only two scholarships left (Alex Legion snagged the other one)Do you take all three and figure it out later? That would certainly be a nice problem to have. Then again, the possibility certainly exists that one week from today, UK has none of the three on board. Them's the breaks in recruiting.

Regardless, you certainly cannot fault the new coaching staff. They have put their new school in great shape on extremely short notice, making up a ton of ground on Patterson and keeping Lucas interested, then grabbing Legion from Michigan and putting Hamga on track for 2007 matriculation. All in not even two months.

I don't make many predictions, because they make one look foolish or -- if they pan out -- lucky as hell. But I could see Patterson and Hamga coming and Lucas heading to Florida. It would appear the last likely scenario, but the fact that Florida went from not recruiting Lucas to making his final three tells you a lot about his mindset.

We shall see.