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Kentucky Football: Time For an Update

Well, here goes my first attempt in a while at a football update.  I know we are a basketball school, but we must spend some time talking about our improving football team, as I hope they really make some noise this fall.

First, we have the estimable John Clay discussing the top NFL prospects for the 2008 draft, and lo and behold Andre Woodson rates #4 on his list.  I don't know if that is cognitive dissonance coming into play, or if he genuinely believes Woodson aught to be ranked that high.  But Woodson is talented and athletic, and I think he belongs in there somewhere.  Others with a better grasp on football may want to comment on this.

Larry Vaught has two new Scout articles up on the football team, both subscription only.  I note them only for the sake of interest, and for those who may actually be Scout subscribers.

Finally, USA Today has a recent article  linking to a Sporting News ranking of BCS football coaches in which Rich Brooks name shows up at 40.  That's not all that interesting, except for the fact that several notable names show up below Brooks, such as Charlie Weis of Notre Dame and Karl Dorrell of UCLA.  I guess that explains why our brothers over at Bruins Nation are less than totally satisfied with their coach.  Here's a sample:

bstreet brought attention to this post in a thread which blew up earlier this week. Jason over at What's Bruin Dawg has a really interesting post on Academic Progress Report (APR) in college football and UCLA. Apparently for the all the hype we hear from Dorrell backers about how he is putting together a "clean and intelligent" program apparently UCLA football program's APR rates lower than a number of schools from SEC and lower than Southern Cal. Once again Jason exposes KD as a mediocre head coach in all departments including the academic health of his football program ... [emphasis mine]

Heh.  For some reason, this sounds kind of familiar to me.  How about you?