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Kentucky Basketball: Tossing and Turning

If you find yourselves suffering sleepless nights waiting for Patrick and Jai to commit, take my advise -- seek professional help.  Just kidding, obsessing over the basketball team is every Kentucky fan's God-given right.  To feed the obsession, we have some stuff.

First, Mike Fields compares the hype  around Patrick Patterson to that of Todd May 25 years ago, who waited until late in the recruiting process to commit to Kentucky.  But that's about all they have in common.

Bigdaddy over at Wildcats Thunder links this WLKY news story about the success Mitch Barnhart is having in developing more than just men's basketball into revenue streams for UK.

The Kentucky Wildcat report covers's sophomore 75, which includes G.J. Vilarino.  They also report on Brandon Jennings including Kentucky in his final four, and many other things.

Finally, Rivals has yet another article which includes the looming Patterson/Lucas decision, as well as some insight on Wildcat recruits Willie Warren and J'Covan Brown.

Update [2007-5-11 15:3:23 by Truzenzuzex]:   There are reports out there that Beas Hamga is on his way to Lexington today or tonight and he will be leaving Sunday.  No, I won't look for airplane registries and departure/arrival times.