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The Night Owl murders

OK, there's no murder. Just some shout out to "L.A. Confidential," one of my favorite popcorn -- read: subtext optional -- movies of the last 10 years (though I'm getting so dang old, it's 10 years old!).

Lots of late breaking recruiting info, and not much time so I'll dispense with the babble and get right to it.

The Cats Pause fellows follow up with point guard target Jai Lucas (premium), who has some very nice things to say about our new coach. Matt Jones at KSR has some freebie info, though no story posted.

More pressing news, mentioned by KSR's new recruiting guy Marc Maggard, about potential surprise 2007 big man Beas Hamga, whom we talked about earlier this week. Turns out, meeting with Coach Billy Clyde must do wonders for your maturation, as Hamga is now genuinely interested in matriculating this year instead of next. More to come.

Coach Gillispie apparently also made time visit on Monday with both Patrick Patterson in Huntington, W.Va., and with 2008 forward prospect Chris Singleton in Georgia. This is in addition to having a sit down with Hamga in Illinois this evening, and on the heels of Coach's face-to-face with the Lucas family in Houston.

I guess you can sleep once the signing period ends?