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The Blogosphere Reacts

I've spent several posts now covering what the main stream sports media has written about the Gillispie hire.  I thought it would be fun to look at what is currently being written out among the sports-related blogs, and sure enough, it was.

First up, occasional commenter and Sports Blog family member Burnt Orange Nation (Texas Longhorns) was really in a tizzy after Billy Donovan said, "Thanks, but no thanks" to Mitch Barnhart. I'll link to two of the best posts here and here, but you might want to just visit the home page and scroll.  Be sure to read some of the comments.

Next up, another Sports Blog member, Maize n Brew Dave at Maize n Brew (Michigan), pats himself on the back for calling Gillispie to UK.  Way to go, Dave.

Yet another member of the Sports Blog family is the Louisville site, known as the Card Chronicle.  This blog has apparently decided to take up the mantle of UK antagonist, and makes a post that reminds me why my second favorite team is U of L's opponent.  Don't say I didn't tell you so.  Feel free to leave a critical comment and a reminder that our new coach is 1-0 against theirs.

NCAA Hoops Today had a Kentucky Friday, and I missed it up until today.  Sorry about that, guys.

Hefty Lefty at (née has a hilarious post up this morning, which will remind us former Navy types of some of the oft-posted rules as they apply to chief petty officers.  Funny stuff.

The Wildcat Blog links, us, so we link back.  Nice picture!

Finally, Luke Winn at his Sports Illustrated blog has a great post on the Gillispie hire:

... For an SI feature in March, Gillispie acknowledged to Kelli Anderson his plan to watch 15 tapes of a regular-season opponent was overkill, but nonetheless his M.O. "Three or four tapes would probably accomplish the same thing," he said. "But I really enjoy watching basketball."

And more than anything else he enjoys coaching, so much that he admitted to SI his life is "imbalanced" -- to the degree that he is divorced, has no pets, has no food in the fridge, and has little time to concentrate on anything other than the job at hand, which now is returning Kentucky to the ranks of the elite.

Truly the UK fan's view of what a coach should be doing with his time.  Read the whole thing if you haven't already.