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Clyde already hard at work

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Coach Billy Clyde has been lauded for his recruiting abilities, and for his tireless efforts. Given what we had to put up with for the last 5-7 years with Tubby's recruiting -- that mish-mash of disinformation, disappointment and randomness -- some direction and forward momentum would be extremely welcome.

Well, he's had the job for a total of three full days, and already it looks like the move is paying dividends.

Scout is reporting that Kentucky has offered a scholarship to 2009 stud forward Shawn Williams (6'6", 185 lbs.), of Duncanville (TX) High School.

Williams was already a Texas A&M target, and it's awesome to see Clyde wasting no time in getting back in the door with his new school.

One wonders if Tubby Smith even knew who this kid was, much less whether he would have offered him a ride. By all accounts, Williams is the real deal. he averaged 19 points a game on a ridiculously loaded team, as a sophomore no less, that went 40-0 and finished No. 3 in the USA Today Super 25 national rankings, behind only Oak Hill and St. Anthony's (NJ).

Again, this doens't mean the kid is interested, will come, etc. But it does mean that instead of having to read tea leaves to see which diamond in the rough recruit Tubby is targeting, we can hopefully begin to see some actual top 20 talents come our way.

Now get back to work, Billy Clyde.