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So what now?

The basketball season is now officially over. Tubby Smith is done, and Billy Gillispie is on board. Randolph Morris is a (non-playing) Knick, and thus far no other player has departed or hinted at leaving. [Ed. Note: corrected] Three scholarships for next season remain, and Jai Lucas and Patrick Patterson know the situation, or soon will after likely meeting with Billy Clyde in the next week or so.

So where do we go from here?

It's the least favorite part of every Kentucky blue-blood's year, when the pause after a non-championship year becomes reality. Maybe it was postponed this year, but it's now done.

I suppose recruiting is the preferred offseason pastime for some, though with each passing year it becomes less and less entertaining and more and more stomach-churning.

Kentucky baseball turned a corner last season, and there are more avowed UK baseball fans now than there were a year ago at this time, but it still seems somehow way too early to follow, or way too strangely anticlimactic.

Spring football? Meh. I mean, good that the team won a bowl, and certainly with so many good offensive players back, there's room for optimism. But does anyone without a kid on the team honestly feel confident of anything more than a .500 season next year? I hope and will look forward to a strong season, but at this point, it's all blocking drills and sub-25 recruiting classes.

So we're left to write season obits, long for tempermental 18-year-old pituitary cases to make us feel wanted and scan the web for articles about the next big thing.

Anyone else ready for Midnight Madness yet?