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Players respond to Clyde

A few excerpts from the players' response to today's big news, their new head coach:

Coach Billy Gillispie
"Most importantly, I want to thank these players over here. These are my guys and I am real proud that they are here. I really appreciate you guys being here at this time. This is a very important day for me. I have always been very lucky and blessed throughout my career and have had so many great opportunities. I never wanted to be anything else but a basketball coach since I was about seven years old."

Ramel Bradley
"It's been crazy, a weird feeling. To lose a coach, and then get one so soon, it's all just shocking, just need to regroup a little. We all tried to handle the situation together, and the best we could. Things happened quickly, but that's life, and you just need to deal with change sometimes."

Joe Crawford
"I like that he talked about aggressiveness on both offense and defense. His style should work here with the guys we already have here. It will be more exciting, and I'm excited for the new start."

Derrick Jasper (Not transferring, btw)
"I like what he said about letting his players initiate the style. I think he will play to the talent of the players."

Perry Stevenson
"I didn't think about it much, because that would mean leaving the best program in the country. I'm going to stay here."