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BREAKING: Donovan to stay at Florida?

ESPN is running a breaking news story that after meeting with Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley early Thursday, Florida coach Billy Donovan will remain at the University of Florida for the upcoming season.

While I'd love to pretend that they're breaking rumors or some such, we may just have to get over our Billy Donovan love-fest and accept that it's hard to pry away a two-time defending coach from a school he basically owns, basketball-wise.

So if this is true, UK fans had better quickly get over their hurt feelings and accept the next choice. Pretending that this was Donovan's job, despite his repeated denials of having chosen anything, will only put the next coach in an untenable situation.

One thing strikes me, and it may not be applicable at all, but don't forget, UK fans, that in 1988, AD C.M. Newton's first choice was Arizona's Lute Olsen, who burned UK just to get more money from Zona. Then the second choice was P.J. "My Neck is Burning" Carlisimo. He turned UK down, too.

The third choice was Rick Pitino. We know that worked out. The point is that you cannot predict what will happen. Maybe Donovan would have flopped at UK under the pressure. Maybe third choice will come around and turn UK into a Final Four-eating monster. No one knows.

More to come as it lands.