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Yet Another No-News Friday

Fridays are just the worst for UK-related news, but they are the best otherwise.  I'm already thinking about that 5:30 martini and a nice thick steak, mmmm ...

Oh, wait -- this is a UK blog -- that means I need to post something about UK, right?  You bet.

Slow days like this just make me get off the beaten path a bit more to find interesting stuff.  To that end, I have located a couple of things that may be of interest.

First, Wildcat Maniacs.  While they are firmly in the UK online mainstream, their recruiting section has a new member who has done some really outstanding work compiling links and info on both the 2008 and 2009 recruits of interest to UK.  These posts are "stickied" to the top, so check them out.  There is a LOT of stuff there.

Second, I just ran up on this blog, called the Kentucky Wildcat Report.  This one's new to me, and the site author had a great post yesterday, including something I didn't know and can't yet confirm -- UK has also offered a player named Dante Anderson.  Anderson is yet another 6'4" swing player out of Billy Donovan's front yard of Gainsville, Florida.  As I said, I can't confirm it, but it is interesting.

Well, as I said in this post,  Gary Parrish of CBS news was trying to generate hits by being controversial, and this proves me right.  Kudos, Gary, for blatantly demonstrating the intellectual vacuity of the on-line sports media.  It isn't as if we didn't know it already.  By the way, don't gratify him by sending him more email -- it's what he wants.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune had this article on highly ranked 2008 recruit Greg Monroe.  It seems that Monroe is looking for:

-- Monroe favors joining a team that has an established program;

 -- He is seeking a coach that can help him improve, in order to advance to the NBA;

-- A good academic program is important because Monroe plans to major in psychology;

-- Distance will not factor into his decision.

Well, lets see -- us, us, us, and ... doesn't care!  Looks like we got a winner!  (Hat tip - USC Sports Talk)

I'll post updates as they become available.

Update [2007-4-27 17:7:47 by Truzenzuzex]: Recruiting Wars reminds us recruiting fanatics that the King James Shooting Stars Classic is happening in nearby Akron, Ohio and will air this weekend. They also give times and dates for replays and lots more.

Of course, before you set aside the time to watch the game you'll be wanting to know who is playing there. Your humble correspondent will provide. For those of you longing to see Darius Miller against his peers, here is your chance along with Al-Farouq Aminu and many others.

CSTV recruiting analyst Van Coleman has his thoughts on what he saw at last week's Kingwood Classic, including comments on UK targets Tyler Zeller, Greg Monroe, DeAndre Liggins, Willie Warren and Brandon Jennings.

Update [2007-4-27 18:9:17 by Truzenzuzex]:  The Sports Guys take Dick Vitale to task for renaming several of UK's players.