Recruiting Question and Patterson Impatience

How do scholarship offers work?  According to (, UK has offered Darius Miller, Tyler Zeller, and Kevin Jones.  Also, Gillispie has offered Beas Hamga (according to Kentucky sports radio) and Willie Warren, right?  All five of these are for 2008.  This seems like a lot of offers to me.  Did some of these offers have a time limit?  Which, if any, have expired? I imagine some of the offers were made by Tubby (and the recent regime change might complicate the question), but in the event of no coaching switch, how much time does a recruit have to accept an offer extended by a program?  Is it unique to each situation?  Obviously, Patterson and Lucas are given plenty of time to decide, because they are so good.  

How many outstanding scholarship offers do we have for '07?...for '08?......'09?  It seems to me that there are 3 for '07 (Sanchez, Lucas, and Patterson); 5 for '08 (Darius Miller, Beas Hamga, Willie Warren, Tyler Zeller, and Kevin Jones); and 2 for '09 (G. J. Vilarino and Shawn Williams, also from  These can't possibly all be outstanding offers, because there are not nearly that many available slots.  So... have some of these offers expired?  Are the scholarships given to the first recruits who accept?  Is Gillispie counting on transferring out some of those sophomores (even though it might be a bad piece of diplomacy for him to admit such a heartless intention)?  What is going on?  I don't understand.

That reminds me, Patterson and Lucas seem to be acting pretty selfishly to me in dragging this whole thing out.  I commend them for waiting until the late signing period.  This seems to have served both well.  They will play for the coach they like.  If they play for Gillispie, it will be because they chose Gillispie.  Also, it seems to have been good PR for both of them (see Gary Parish's editorial about throwing one's "wait" around).  But, am I crazy, or aren't they hurting every program that they don't eventually sign for?  If Kentucky were not fighting for Patterson, Pettigrew might look a little better.  Gillispie even told Pettigrew that Gillispie needed more time.  This could be the case with any recruit.  Hell, Gillispie can't even go after Sanchez (or anyone else, for that matter) full force, can he?  UK's hands are tied because Jai and Patrick are stringing us (and MANY others) along.  

The time has come for these two to decide.  Luckily, it looks as though Lucas is wrapping things up.  But what is PP doing waiting until mid-May?  What does he think he has to gain by doing this?  Does he not see that all of these programs are taking a big risk on him and dragging the process out wastes their valuable time and resources?  I'm a UK fan.  The way I see it, the longer Patterson waits to make a decision, the more ground Gillispie gains as a competitor to Duke and Florida and Virginia to get him.  So, in this perspective, it is to UK's advantage for Patterson to dally.  Plus, our chances for Patterson don't look too bad.  Lucas likes Gillispie.  Lucas likes Cyprien.  Mrs. Lucas likes Mrs. Cyprien.  Lucas might come.  Patterson likes Lucas.  Legion is coming.  Stewart is coming.  Patterson knows Legion and Stewart.  Patterson was impressed by Gillispie's plan for him.  Kentucky NEEDS Patterson.  It just seems senseless for PP to do this to the four coaching staffs he won't sign with (or at least to the two colleges at the bottom of the list).  It also doesn't seem cool for him to disrupt all of the Steffphon Pettigrews out there who might want one of those scholarships he is tying up.  Patterson should at least narrow it down to a final two or three choices and help save other people's time and money.  Even if it means he cuts Kentucky.  At least then we can go for Sanchez.  Or whoever plan C is.

It almost makes me think that the method to Patterson’s madness might be that he really is trying to give Kentucky a shot. By waiting as long as he can, he enables the relationship with Gillispie to develop as much as possible. This way PP can get a feel for the new coach and learn as much about him as possible and see what other recruits land at Kentucky (first Legion; hopefully Lucas next?). It seems like a ruthless play in some ways, because he’s still tying up valuable resources and stalling other important decisions. But what else could be behind the stall tactics other than a decent desire to be a wildcat?