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Hamga Sandwich

Much internets (series of tubes) scuttlebutt in the last 48 hours about Decatur (IL) Christian center Beas Hamga, originally an Iowa commit in the 2008 class who opted out when Steve Alford bolted for drier, non-humid pastures.

Hamga -- whose first name is pronounced like 'Diaz' -- is in the Emeka Okafor mold, by personal accounts (video: click here), and has a raw offensive game. But he's big (7'0", 225+) and getting better.

There was buzz that with some finagling Hamga was considering reclassifying for 2007, but according to TCP's House of Blue, those plans may be on hold (premium).

Regardless, word is that Gillispie and his staff have been on Hamga like Rosie O'Donnell on a plate of Applebees nachos. Look for lots more on Hamga from the current staff, and possibly a visit over the summer.