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Anyone Up for a Bedtime Story?

It's been a wild one here at ASOB today.  We have promoted bourbon, and a diary, and talked about how bloody obsessed each and every one of us is with Kentucky basketball.  But before we can drift off to a well-deserved sleep, we need a little news to dream about.  So your humble servant will provide.

Scout has a new article by KSR's Rob Gidel discussing the Kentucky staff's decision to offer Michael Sanchez.  The real question is, what is taking him so long to decide?  One would think that he would jump at the chance to play for a top program like Kentucky, but his alternative, a prep year, seems to be a serious consideration.  Either he is unsure of his own ability to compete, or he isn't as much in love with coming to UK as he is going elsewhere (Arkansas?).  We'll just have to see how this plays out.

Sports Illustrated's Luke Winn looks at the Patterson saga, talks about his $500+ cell phone bill and points out that Patterson's mom isn't all that upset about it.  Interesting, but as Clara Peller used to ask on behalf of Wendy's, "Where's the beef?"

According to Rivals, Billy Gillispie & Co. have jumped into the race for Tyler Zeller, a 6'10" 185# big man who is apparently starting to make a splash on the AAU scene (subscription).  Ranked only 105th by Rivals, I'm kind of scratching my head over this one.  Undoubtedly a "plan B" type recruit, unless someone can school me otherwise.

Finally, Rise magazine looks at Alex Legion's commitment  and the potential momentum it could carry into Kentucky's 2007 recruiting class.

Sweet dreams.

Update [2007-4-26 6:43:18 by Truzenzuzex]:  Matt Jones has more on Tyler Zeller and most of the other big names on Kentucky's list here. Maybe Zeller isn't a plan B after all, but Monroe is the one I'd really like to see here.

Pettigrew update: Seems Steffphon Pettigrew was about to commit to Western Kentucky, but Georgia has asked him to work out for them. Go away, Dawgs -- WKU is my alma mater and I want Pettigrew there. Another interesting fact in this same article is that Louisville is trying to get involved now with Michael Sanchez.

Also, 2008 Kentucky big-man target Phillip Jurick has reportedly committed to the Tennessee Volunteers.

Finally of note this morning, the BatCats whipped up on the Louisville Cardinals yesterday, 9-5.