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A Sea of Blue Might Make You Famous!

Ever want to be a blogger without all the headaches?  Here is your chance.

I have noticed that diaries have been kind of slow lately, so I want to offer a little encouragement.

We will be promoting well-written diaries to the front page starting today.  No need to lobby, we will be choosing the ones that get promoted, and we won't be promoting them every day by any means.  But create a thoughtful and well-written diary, and you may find yourself read by about 2500 or so people who visit A Sea of Blue every day.

I urge you to pay particular attention to spelling, grammar and style.  I don't mind doing a few small edits, but carelessly written or rambling screeds aren't likely to make the cut.  Bitchy harangues venting your spleen probably won't make it either, unless it's extremely humorous or otherwise noteworthy.  Also, remember to keep it clean -- harsh language, scatology and  embarrassing YouTube videos don't impress us.

All decisions will be made by us, and if you don't make the cut the first time, keep trying.  Patience is often rewarded.