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News For Night Owls

My wife is returning from Vegas tonight, and her plane got significantly delayed by a snow storm in Denver.  Therefore, I am late-night blogging just for those among us for whom 10 PM is the beginning of the evening rather than bedtime.

So it seems Brandon Jennings, who reportedly told Jody Demling at the Kingston Classic he was decommitting from USC and reopening his recruitment, had a change of heart after spending some time at his home in Los Angeles.  He has reaffirmed his verbal to the Trojans (subscription).   Update [2007-4-25 8:16:16 by Truzenzuzex]: Thanks to reader xgrunt who pointed out that this is an old article. Sorry for the oversight. Nothing to see here. This isn't the article you're looking for. Move along. :-)

NCAA Hoops Today has a post chock full of bloggy goodness --Reginald Delk's transfer to Louisville, Thaddeus Young's declaration for the draft (remember how bad we wanted him?)--and lots, lots more.

CBS is reporting that Sebastian Telfair is going to be thrown off the Celtic's team over his arrest for being caught with a firearm where firearms aren't legal.  Ok, "thrown off the team" aren't the words they use, but that's what it means to me.

Do you remember all the hype surrounding this kid, and the fact that Pitino passed on Rajon Rondo just for the hope that Telfair might come to Louisville?  And now this?  If I were Pitino, I would not be wanting to ever, EVER hear or speak the name "Sebastian Telfair" for the rest of my life.  Telfair made him look like a sap then, and continues to do so even now.  The NCAA Hoops Blog at has a detailed look  at this sad story.

I have linked several responses to Gary Parrish's declamation of the SEC yesterday, but I found a new and very good one tonight at a blog called UK Bias, which claims to be dedicated to "documenting and exposing the bias certain media outlets have against the Universtiy [sic] of Kentucky."  That ought to be a full time job.  I'll have to keep an eye on that one.

Meanwhile, this guy just gets mad at Parrish, and unloads with both barrels.

Kentucky bourbons
It's time for a little bourbon blogging -- well, sort of.  I found this picture of some of my favorite whiskeys in this post from a guy who traveled through Kentucky from North Carolina.  This is a really good observational essay by an out of state person seeing the Bluegrass for the first time.  And of course, Kentucky basketball gets a prominent mention (otherwise, It wouldn't be here).

Jody Demling is reporting this evening that Matt Walls, the Scott County guard who was thought to have an interest in walking on at Kentucky, has committed to matriculate to Marshall University instead.  Of the offers by UK and U of L to walk on, Walls said, "It was great but I just couldn't let an opportunity at a great school and in a great conference get away.  Time was of the essence."  Good luck at Marshall, Matt.  I would have loved to see you in blue.

Demling also reports on Louisville Manual sophomore Jacob Jenkins.  Seems Gillispie hasn't been in touch with him yet.  That probably won't last long.

Finally, I just visited the TCP message board (over 3000 people still online and its 11:50 PM -- don't these people ever sleep?) and found this link to a breakdown of Alex Legion.  This is way more comprehensive than my effort below, so be sure to check it out.

Oh, by the way - if you watch the YouTube videos at the bottom, #3 for Oak Hill will command your attention even more than Legion, who wears #1. #3 is none other than Brandon Jennings, and my goodness, that kid has game ...