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Legion to UK done?

The Herald-Leader is quoting Oak Hill Academy coach Steve Smith in its latest Alex Legion update.

"He's not worried about playing time," Smith said of Legion. "He said, `I just want to play for Kentucky.'

"He has no illusions of starting. He's not been told he would start."

According to this piece, Legion verbally agreed Tuesday A.M. to play for Kentucky next season. Remember, having signed an L.O.I. to Michigan before decomitting, Legion can't sign another. He can, however, sign "scholarship papers" with UK.

Here's what I posted yesterday on Legion.

Kentucky, and head coach Billy Gillispie, score a late signee with much upside. The Cats are still in the mix for big man Patrick Patterson of West Virginia and post guard Jai Lucas of Texas. Both are friendly with Legion, who was reportedly talking to Patterson as recently as Monday evening about Legion's impending decision to attend Kentucky.

Every bit helps.

Update [2007-4-24 13:1:8 by Truzenzuzex]: CHN has picked up the story. The margin of error is approaching zero.

Now the Detroit News. I'd say it is now definite.