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BREAKING: Legion news, plus one more

A couple of evening nuggets.

First, the good:

Scout is reporting that, according to sources close to the situation, Oak Hill shooting guard Alex Legion has made his college decision. According to Jeff Goodman, college basketball scribe at, that school will be KENTUCKY.

But Matt Jones has an interview with the high schooler, and while things seem favorable, Legion does not confirm any committment.

This would be a huge get, if it happens. Legion is a shooter and scorer, and while he's not a big man, the Cats need all the talented bodies they can get. Stealing away a top-30 player this late in the game is top notch, and certainly Billy Gillispie deserves props once this is finalized.

More as it comes.

Now, the bad:

Former Wildcat Ron Mercer is alleged to have been involved in a knifing at a Nashville area strip club. I know, shocking that such a crime would occur at a Nashville area strip club.

Hopefully, that's the last time I ever have to cover this story.